NASM Certified PT, CES & FNS; AED & CPR; Pre-Post Natal; WSI & LG; and iCAT (specialty in post-traumatic-stress movement). 

My passion in movement focuses mainly on core and spinal stabilization; full-body patterning to promote efficiency in functional movement and avoid injury in occupations and lifestyle. I want people to live long, happy, healthy, balanced (literally and figuratively) lives so that they can enjoy the things that matter most. Bodies are incredibly strong, self-healing machines...and with a little self-care (from the inside-out) we can train them to endure and tackle anything! 

Disclaimer: If you're looking for six-pack abs or bicep muscles...I may not be the trainer for you. Although I promote nutritional responsibility and quite often my workouts result in physique changes, those changes are often coincidental to the program and not my main focus or desire. I have plenty of colleagues however that are quite passionate about the body-building and physique-sculpting aspect of training and I'd be happy to refer you to them! 

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"If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet, he said."

Kristi Ann

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“JOAN KNOWS BEST, East Side Story” 2011, Manhattan, NY. Season 2, Episode 7. 
Joan & Melissa Rivers at CRUNCH, NY, NY.  
Role: Climbing Instructor

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“Making Moves” 2013 

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Commercial work: Dance 10 Touring Company Carnival Cruise Lines,

Daytona Beach, Sea World, Universal Studios, Old Town, Disney World.  


My story 

My dance history is an eclectic one, and far too fun for the drudge of list-form! At the ripe age of three, my mom brought me to Dance World Academy (DWA) so that I may learn to take discipline from an authoritative other than her fantastic self. If only she knew that in that single day, I had found not only my passion for existence but the very method in which would discover exactly how to challenge authority through the years (sorry, mom & dad!). I spent the first few years of my life in R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dance) Ballet classes, and touring the east coast decked out in sequins while collecting well-deserved trophies with my DWA family. Fast forward a few years with a move to Connecticut and a couple 'Twas the Night Before Christmas ballet performances later, I found a home in Dance 10; a safe place for me to spend my most vulnerable years of growth wrestling with myself as a dancer, a person, an artist, and a human being trying to fit into this world. I met two of the most influential dance artists of my career, Rebecca Mehan and Caine Keenan, whose faith in me and generosity launched me head first into the professional training of Ririe Woodbury, American Dance Festival, and later, ProDanza Italia; programs of various dance philosophies and artists all tumbling together in my evolving brain...laying the foundation for what eventually emerged as a versatile dance artist (bless my dad for the hours of train, car, and plane travel only to sit in a theater and not know what the heck was happening onstage). My choice to attend the College at Brockport stemmed largely from this vast background, as I sought an environment that would stimulate and challenge all of my curiosities and talents. Here is where it would all come together: artists I had previously been exposed to came back around and I could appreciate their work on a deeper level, my improv instructor at ADF happened to be my professor and biggest support system, and I met Rebecca Sproul (now Gushue), my dance soul mate.  I was able to obtain a B.F.A. in dance and a Studio Art Minor, while working in the theater department as the go-to sound, lights, and other technical designs gal. I spent two years working at GEVA  theater, where I developed a deep appreciation for professional production.  I had no idea that auditioning for the REVERB project back in 2010 (as "something to do post-graduation") would indirectly lead me to Kyla Barkin and  Aaron Selissen years later, but I have somehow found artists that challenge, inspire, mentor, and support me as a dancer and person. I've said 'yes' to projects with Spark(edit) Arts, Dance Householder, and other choreographers I've met over the years, and the individuals I've met in the studio both regionally and internationally have been...irreplaceable. People ask if I make my own work...I am currently honing my craft as an artist that enables visions I strongly believe in, but I do have work (All My Animals are Broken) that when the time is right, I will yet again bring to life and tackle.

It is only now that I feel ready to give in the ways I was so fortunate. I aspire to reach back and help those young artists like myself who need a little push, a piece of advice, or someone to cheer them on. I want to share all of the things I wish I'd known sooner, so that the future dancers can grow and evolve with me. I am in this beautiful middle of being both mentee and the mentor, and I'd love to explore this a little while.